Bagger in Abendsonne als Beispiel für ein Bild von profaner Landschaft vor der Haustür

Online Photography Course – Landscape On Your Doorstep

How to take impressive photographs of your everyday surroundings

Blue hour picture of Gloucester Road in Bristol with bus light tracks and street light stars; Blaue Stunde Bristol Gloucester Road mit Buspuren und Blendenstern in der Strassenbeleuchtung
Ordinary street at blue hour

Thanks to Covid-19, you’ve put your long-distance trip on hold for now, but you still want to get out, maybe on a photography course and improve your photography skills.

Maybe everything around you seems boring and you can’t find anything to take pictures of? 

Then the photography course “Landscape on your doorstep” is just for you. Here you will learn how to take breathtaking photographs even in your local area.

Starts on Tue 19.01.2021, 7pm
on Zoom

How would you feel,

Fotografie Kurs - schöne Winterbilder vor der Haustür, Baum am See als Silhouette im Abendlicht ohne die Sonne im Hintergrund, aber im Hintergrund pink lila Licht, strahlt kühle Winteratmosphäre aus auch ohne Schnee und Frost aber farbenfroh
Tree on a lake at sunrise
Fotografie Kurs zu Lanschaft vor der Haustür, Baum am See als Silhouette in der Abendsonne mit Schilf im Hintergrund und goldenem Licht
Tree on a lake at sunset

Your photography tutor Kate Fish

Kate Fish fotografierend bei Sonnenuntergang an der SüdWestküste Englandsküste

As a scientist, I have observed nature with a very detailed eye for years. Now, however, as a landscape photographer, I like to look at nature as a whole.

Exploring new landscapes is my passion. But I always discover something new even on the doorstep. To capture this in touching pictures, I mainly use the right timing and a supply of creative photographic techniques. The resulting pictures are part of exhibitions and are accepted in competitions. 

You can learn with me to develop your unique view of a place, to feel its atmosphere at different times and to capture it in stunning photos. You will get practical step-by-step instructions without unnecessary technical terms.

What do you learn in this photography course?

Clevedon Pier

Your pictures could look like these

What is included in the photography course?

 All included in £99

Once again at a glance

Photography course: “Landscape On Your Doorstep”
Tuesdays, starts on:

19th January 2021; 7 pm

Money back guarantee: This photography course will be fun and you will learn a lot, I promise.

That is why I give you a 100% money back guarantee. If you have not learned anything new after the first appointment, you will get your money back, no ifs, ands or buts.

To secure your place in this photography course


Register with your full name and a valid e-mail address. I will send all course information and also the links to the recordings to this e-mail address.


    Simply transfer £99 to me using one of the payment methods shown on the right.

    After I have received the payment you will be sent an invoice by e-mail.


    Please wait patiently and then 3 days before your course you will get all access data and course information by e-mail. I look forward to your participation.

    Questions and answers about the photography course

    • Any camera (phones or tablets are usually not sufficient)
    • Ideally an Internet connection from a computer, tablet or smartphone with microphone and video camera
    • It is is always a good idea during the course to have your camera within reach so you can see how certain settings work for you.
    • Some time to take pictures, because you learn most through practice and individual feedback on your photos

    You will benefit most from the course if you have already mastered the basics of photography and your camera, so know how shutter speed, aperture and ISO work together and how to set them on your camera. 

    You will get the recording of the live tutorial to download. If you have any questions you are welcome to ask them directly to me in the members area. 

    Starting on 19.1.2021 

    Just  £99 for a 6 weeks course

    15 Tipps für bessere Landschaftsfotos
    und KOSTENLOS Tipps und Tricks zur Fotografie, Abmeldung jederzeit möglich
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