About me

It is always said that one needs a speciality in photography to be different from others. However, I do not fit in a niche or in a drawer. I take pictures of a lot of different kind, preferably landscapes and small things. Everything that appeals to my feelings can be my subject, about most of the time these are things in nature. If you want to discover great photospots in nature, I can show them to you. If you want to see rare plants and animals or very common species in a new light, even then you are right on my photo trips. Being outside and sharing knowledge of my favorite landscapes with other people is my passion.

I have worked for many years as a scientist finding useful things for humans from organisms in nature. I succeeded, but it was a tough journey. I almost lost the joy of nature and lacked the time to experience nature too.

In 2018 I decided on a new path. I’ve travelled a lot in the South of England, especially on the South West Coast Path. I got to know nature, land and people in a very intimate way. In this way, I have become experts for this region. Thus, I can now show you the most beautiful photo spots in the region on my photo trips. There will always be enough time to see the special of this landscape, to feel its atmosphere and to capture it in breathtaking pictures.

I have raised my photography from hobby to a professional level by a one-year intens photo mentoring. This way I can show you not only the best settings on your camera. More important you can learn from me image composition, finding perspective and using creative techniques. You’re guaranteed to come home with atmospheric photos of the highest quality, have experienced beautiful nature with like minded people and learned something new.

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