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Photo WALKshop: Macro photography course

Capture the beauty of small subjects in their natural environment

Have you ever tried to capture the beautiful butterfly and gave up, because it was flying around to fast and never sitting down? Were your pictures often overcrowded when the subject was small? Did your pictures of small flowers or insects turn out unsharp and blurry? Then this macro photography course is for you.

In this WALKshop you will walk around Brandon Hill guided by experienced photo-tutor Kate Fish in a small group of like minded people. Your tutor will show you all you need to know about photographing small subjects, be it dealing with movement of your subject or shooting in low light conditions.


1:30 to 5:30pm at Brandon Hill

Imaging your picture turn out exactly as you want them. Your subject in all its beauty standing out from the background, perfectly lit and sharp where you want it to be sharp. 

You are the one who creatively decides how much of the surrounding it needs and how much is too destructive. Even influencing the background colours by changing perspective is fun to play with.

Imaging you have full control about the sharpness of your subject and the background through application of a few simple techniques. Envision you can use your camera for getting amazing close up pictures, owning a macro lens or not.

Bristol Downs-0678

Your photographer / tutor for the macro photography course

I originally come from a science and teaching background. I was working with small animals and fungi and they fascinated me. Moving on to be a specialised landscape photographer was the best decision ever.

Out in nature most of the time I capture large landscapes and small flowers, animals and even patterns. I have subsequently won a few prizes and exhibited my photos in several galleries.

Students praise me for being practical and giving explanations without unnecessary technical terms. I enjoy exploring Bristols beautiful nature areas such as the Downs, Brandon Hill, Leigh Woods and the many other parks. 

In this Photo WALKshop you will:

  • learn how to use your camera for eye-catching macro shots
  • learn how to create beautiful pictures using perspective and the control of background
  • what additional equipment you can use to develop your macro photography
  • explore the photographic opportunities for macro and close-up pictures of Brandon Hill
  • have fun and exchange ideas in a small group of like-minded people

What to expect from this macro photography course:

  • 4 hours tuition in an area of plenty of macro photography opportunities
  • Introduction to depth of field and its control to control sharpness and background
  • Walking approximately 1 mile (details given upon booking)
  • Intensive support from experienced tutor Kate Fish during the WALKshop
  • Three weeks personal feedback after the WALKshop on up to 10 of your pictures created during the WALKshop

That's how your pictures could look like

Overview of WALKshop content:

  • 1. Four hours macro photography course in a small group (2-8 people) with intense help
  • 2. Tips and techniques from the Pro
  • 3. Extensive explanation of how to use your camera for stunning close-up pictures to the best advantage
  • 4. Great fun and great pictures of small things in one of Bristol's most beautiful nature areas
  • 5. Three weeks personal feedback after the WALKshop on up to 10 of your pictures created during the WALKshop

Questions & Answers

  • Any camera (sorry no phones or tablets)
  • Memory card and charged battery for your camera; additionally I highly recommend bringing a spare memory card and spare charged battery
  • maybe a tripod or substitute
  • torch, LED or other light source for creativity
  • Suitable clothing and shoes, optional umbrella

To get the most out of the course you should already understand the basics of exposure, shutter speed, aperture and ISO and know how to change aperture and ISO on your camera.

The WALKshop will take place even during light drizzle, fog, cloudy and cold conditions. Please dress accordingly. It will be rescheduled in the event of heavy rain, hail or gale conditions. In this case you have the option of alternative dates or a full refund.

Date of the PhotoWALKshop: Macro photography course

18 April 2020 1:30pm – 5:30pm

All the above for £64.20

Money back guarantee: My photographic WALKshops are fun and you will learn a lot. Therefore, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you haven’t learnt anything new after the first hour I will refund you.

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